AAG LLC Achieves Certification as A SDVOSB

We are thrilled to announce that Advanced Applications Group LLC (AAG) has been certified as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) by the Small Business Administration (SBA). This certification is a testament to our commitment to excellence, our values, and the unique perspective we bring to the government contracting arena. We are proud to join the esteemed group of SDVOSBs and look forward to new opportunities to serve our clients and the nation.

Highlighting our SDVOSB Certification: The SDVOSB certification recognizes AAG as a business majority-owned and operated by service-disabled veterans, highlighting the dedication and sacrifice of our founders and team members who have served in the armed forces. This certification positions AAG as a trusted partner for government agencies seeking to fulfill their set-aside contracts for SDVOSBs.

The Benefits of Partnering with an SDVOSB: Working with an SDVOSB like AAG offers numerous advantages to government agencies and primes. By partnering with us, clients can:

  1. Meet Diversity Goals: Contracting with an SDVOSB supports the federal government’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the marketplace. Agencies can achieve their socio-economic contracting goals by engaging with SDVOSBs like AAG.
  2. Tap into Unique Expertise: Our team brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective gained through military service. We understand the specific needs and challenges faced by government agencies, especially in the realm of national security and defense.
  3. Foster Collaboration: AAG’s SDVOSB certification opens doors for collaborative opportunities with other SDVOSBs, prime contractors, and government agencies, allowing for innovative solutions and enhanced teamwork.
  4. Access Specialized Set-Aside Contracts: Government agencies have specific set-aside contracts designated exclusively for SDVOSBs. By partnering with AAG, agencies can access these contracts, ensuring compliance and supporting the growth of SDVOSBs.

Our Commitment to Excellence: At AAG, our SDVOSB certification is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional services to our clients. We will continue to deliver innovative solutions, technical expertise, and mission support that align with our client’s needs and the highest industry standards.

Becoming a certified SDVOSB by the SBA marks a significant milestone for Advanced Applications Group LLC. We are proud of our service-disabled veteran-owned status and the opportunities it brings to serve our clients and contribute to the nation’s security and prosperity. As an SDVOSB, AAG is poised to create meaningful partnerships, deliver exceptional results, and continue our legacy of excellence in the government contracting space. We invite government agencies and primes to explore the benefits of partnering with AAG as we forge ahead in fulfilling our mission.

For more information about our SDVOSB certification and the services we offer, please visit our website or contact us at info@aag-llc.com or (703) 995-9906.